Our Process

Whether you’re ready to build a quality home or renovate your existing, Distinguished Homes will be there every step of the way.

Together, we’ll build the home of your dreams with a proven process, personalised for you.

1. Initial Meeting / Site Inspection

We meet with you face-to-face to discuss your building requirements, budget and your ideas. New home enquires are conducted at our office followed by a site inspection on the parcel of land. Whereas renovations, ideally, we would like to meet with you at your home, viewing the existing structure allows us to get a better understanding of scope of works required.


2. Design / Review Existing Plans

We work with a Preparation of Plans Agreement. This will outline an initial cost for the completion of planning drawings, once this is signed our experienced designer will incorporate your needs considering your block, the local building codes, your lifestyle and your budget. Liaising with you until your vision of the perfect home is achieved. Once you are happy with the design, we then move forward to prepare your plans to submit to council for planning approval.

*Some clients have their own plans ready to go which we can view and then price off.


3. Price

Once the design is created and planning application has been approved, we present you with a detailed quote. This Price includes final working drawings, engineering details, all construction costs, council costs, site works and all other related build costs relative to the building license.


4. Building Contract

On acceptance of the quotation, a Final Contract and an Addendum Specification is prepared for your acceptance, these documents will outline a full detailed in-depth look into all areas of the construction and lists all your inclusions and exclusions in your building contract. On acceptance of all documentation, we will then procure indemnity insurance and on recept of this insurance, will issue an invoice for Deposit which is commonly 6.5% of the total contract value.


5. Finance Approval

Dependant on how works will be financed, if a loan from bank is to be obtained, they will require the signed contract and other supporting documentation to be submitted for finance approval.


6. Council Building Approvals

When you are happy with the price and have signed off on the contract documentation and when your finances are in order, we start work on detailed working drawings, engineering details and other building licence requirements. We then lodge plans to our independent building surveyor and within 3 working days receive his stamp of approval. We then lodge to council and should receive a building Licence approval within 10 working days.


7. Pre-start Selections

We then reach what most clients believe is the exciting part of the journey your prestart selections. This process you will come to our office and meet with a consultant and you will finalise the internal and external colour selections and finishes, select all relevant products to your building works.

This generally can take up to a day to complete.

In our years of experience, we believe that having all selections made at this stage ensures a smooth flow of construction and guarantees an on-time completion.


8. Construction Onsite

It’s time to make your vision a reality. During the construction you can put your confidence and trust in our team at Distinguished Homes. The use of our trusted and highly skilled tradesman and site supervisor ensures only the highest of quality of works are undertaken on your home. Along with the construction there will be building milestones where we will submit progress claims for payment. You are updated on every stage claim and we/you may request site meetings if required at each stage.

Updates are also frequently given either by phone or email.


9. Practical Completion

Your home is almost ready to move in to.

Along with us conducting our own quality checks to ensure works are completed to the highest of standard, we set up a Practical Completion Meeting which we walk through with you. Giving you the opportunity to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new home/renovation and everything meets your expectations. Should any areas need rectifying this is done before Handover.

At this stage the final progress is due and payable.


10. Handover

You are ready to move in!

We present you with the keys to your brand-new home/renovation, as well as hand over documentation and certificates.

You will need to have your own home and contents insurance in place at this stage, as our insurance ceases when you take possession of the keys.

Are you ready to think Distinguished?

If you'd like to discuss your dream home, please get in touch with Adrian and the team at Distinguished Homes.

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