Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain Planning Approval from the council? >

Currently, councils are approximately taking 90 days for planning approval. From past experience, this time is usually reduced depending on the particular council’s volume of work.

How long does it take to obtain Building Approval from the council? >

On completion of all architectural, engineering detailed drawings, and any planning approvals, the building approval process is usually quite quick. We lodge plans with our independent building surveyor and within 3 days receive his stamp of approval. We then lodge plans to the local council and should receive an approval within 10 days following.

Site works? >

Majority of the time site works is included in our contract as a provisional sum allowance which is disclosed to the client at the time of signing the building contract.

What is the design process, and are the design plans included in the price? >

Prior to pricing a custom build, we require plans. We do this by way of a preparation of plans agreement. This will outline an initial cost for the completion of planning drawings. Once a design is created, we then price the works and included final working drawings in the building price. This would also include engineering details.

Do you come to me or do I go to you? >

We are quite flexible in our meetings and can arrange a time and place that best suits everyone.

How much does it cost for a consultation to change plans? >

Part of our design process is to create a design that reflects our client’s needs. Once we achieve this goal, if further changes or alterations are required after the acceptance of the plans and build contract it then becomes a variation and will be priced for the client to accept, dependent on the changes involved.

How do I know what is included in the price? >

We create an addendum specification which is an in-depth look into all areas of the construction, describing all inclusions and exclusions.

How often do you update clients during the design and building process? >

At every stage claim, we may request a site meeting if required. Updates are frequently given either by phone or email.

Can I make changes during the construction of my new home? >

Yes, this is handled by way of a variation and the changes are priced for client acceptance. On acceptance, we will make changes to all relevant documentation and move forward with the variation on site.

Will you liaise with the council for me throughout the building process? >

If we are engaged as the designers for your development we will complete all dealings with the council until an approval is granted. If the client brings their own plans to us, we then lodge to council based on their plans and will correspond with the council and advise our client if changes are required.

Can you assist in subdividing our property? >

Yes, we can subdivide and obtain all required approvals.

What is your Building Process? >

All of our building projects adhere to the following process.

  • Initial Meeting / Site Inspection
  • Design / Review Existing Plans
  • Price
  • Building Contract
  • Finance Approval
  • Council Building Approvals
  • Pre-Start Selection
  • Construction Onsite
  • Practical Completion
  • Handover

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